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Terms of use


1. Preliminary provisions and definitions

"General Terms" is a title for the General terms of use, including all the following amendments and updates. The General Terms of use shall apply from the date of its publication on the website (hereinafter; Deloglasnik or Website) and are an integral part of any verbal or written contract concluded between the Company and the users, and shall bind any natural or legal person using Deloglasnik.

““the Employer” is within the meaning of General terms, a title for all natural or legal persons using Deloglasnil. In particularly, is the term Employer determined within the provisions of the applicable Employment Relationships Act, regardless of the type of contract they wish to conclude, as well as the term includes employers who are in accordance with the provisions of the Employment Relationships Act, seeking volunteers, trainees, persons for professional training, etc.

“Job Seeker” is within the meaning of the General terms a title that covers any natural person that uses Deloglasnik for the purpose of searching a suitable work post or engagement within the provisions of the applicable Employment Relationships Act, or searching volunteer posts, posts for professional training, etc.

"Work post" is within the meaning of the General terms a generic term for any type of work post, employment, engagement, volunteering, apprenticeship, internship, professional training, professional training outside the employment relationship, etc.

"Usage" is within the meaning of the General terms any advertisement for work post or any other engagement by the Employer or the availability of their own personal data for the purpose of searching a work post or other engagement by the Job Seeker.

“Personal Data” is within the meaning of the General terms of use every information related to identified natural person or identifiable natural person, but his/her data is protected in accordance with the provisions of the applicable Personal Data Protection Act.

"Price List" is is within the meaning of the General terms the price list of the services available on the Website.
“GDPR” is the title of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).
“Controller” is a natural or legal person who determines the purpose and means of processing personal data.
“Processor ” means a natural or legal person who processes personal data on behalf of a Processing Client.

2. Provisions related to Employers 

For the purpose of using the Website, the Employer is obliged to create a user account by registration.

Registered Employers may post advertisements for the work posts at any time and based on the agreement with the Website recruitment advisers, subsequently also amend them. Employers can track attendance statistics for the published advertisements, read summaries of the CVs, and use other advanced features that are installed or are yet to be installed.

The service of posting advertisement for available work posts is charged according to the valid price list at the time of the advertisement posting.

The Company reserves the right to delete inappropriate, offensive and discriminatory textual contents if the content opposes the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia or established regulations and morals. To the extent that the Employer does not comply with obligatory regulations, especially the provisions of the applicable Employment Relationships Act, the Company reserves the right not to publish individual or all advertisements of the Employer. In accordance with the Rules on the publication tender on the Website, the Company also reserves the right to modify the advertisement in order to correct any grammar mistakes and structure of the advertisement content. 

3. Provisions related to Job seekers

For the purpose of using the Website, the Job Seeker is required to create a user account by registration.

With using the User Profile (MyProfile) on the Website, the Job seeker agrees to use the Profile solely for the purpose of searching, finding and informing himself about Work posts.

If the Job Seeker uses the User Account for any other purpose e.g. promotion, sale of various products and services, etc., the Company will block and remove the User Account from the Website. Any such abuse of User Account is subject to legal provisions regulating the enforcement of claims for damages against the user responsible for the damage, in order for the Company to be indemnified.

4. Copyrights

The appearance of the Website, its contents, the appearance of the advertisement, the computer programs through which Deloglasnik works, drawings, plans, sketches and tables, etc., are copyrighted work owned by the Company and are protected by the Copyright and Related Rights Act.
Databases collected through the work of the Website are also protected in accordance with the Copyright and Related Rights Act.

5. Responsibility for data accuracy and liability claims

The Company is not responsible for, nor does it vouch for the accuracy of the Personal Data, contacts, qualifications, features, or other information provided in the CVs of Job seekers and Employer's advertisements.

The Company shall not be held responsible for damages made to Employers or Job Seekers. With using the Website the Employers and Job Seekers renounce the right for reimbursement of damages, material or non-material, that could result from abuse of the false information by Employers, Job Seekers or third parties.

6. Protection of personal data

By using the Website the Employers, who are natural persons and Job Seekers, expressly permit the Company to collect and process personal data accessible within the framework of their user accounts, including published CVs, job applications or/and all other documents.
By using the Website Job Seekers expressly permit collection and processing of personal data by employers. By selecting the "accessible to employers" option, Job Seeker gives consent for the availability of personal information in CVs, job applications and other documents to all visitors of the Website.
The authorization to collect and process personal data is in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act and General Data Protection Regulation. Personal data may be used solely to the extent and for the purpose of applications to the advertised work posts and for the purposes of all other work related advertisement and applications to work posts. Personal data shall not be used for any other purposes, outside the beforementioned scope that is necessary for the ensuring services of the Portal.
Personal and other information may only be used as described in the General terms. The use of data for other purposes (copying, transcription, distribution), and especially for the mass distribution of publications, promotional messages and similar information, without the permission of the Company and the Job Seekers or Employers as a natural person, is strictly prohibited. The Company will report every violation to the competent institutions, including the State Attorney's Office of the Republic of Slovenia, the Ministry of the Interior, and the Information Commissioner of the Republic of Slovenia.

The Employers, who are natural persons and Job Seekers may withdraw their given consent for processing of their personal data at any time without providing additional explanation by recalling the consent in writing at the Company’s address or by de-activating the user account.
Personal data shall be kept for a minimum period of time, as long as it is required to obtain the purpose for which the personal data has been  collected,
Users of the service "Browsing through the CVs Database" on the website Deloglasnik are therefore obliged to, before every use of services,  sign and deliver "Statement of confidentiality and management rules of using browsing through the CVs database services«.

7. Final provisions

In the event of a dispute arising out of the relationships regulated by General terms of use, the Company, Employers and Job Seekers will try to settle the dispute by mutual agreement. If this is not possible the competent territorial Court in Ljubljana shall have exclusive jurisdiction over solving the dispute.

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